Lean Manufacturing Defined

Before we get into detailing what a lean manufacturing software is, let’s get back to the basics — let’s first define what lean manufacturing is.

Lean manufacturing, or lean production, is a production method that focuses on maximizing productivity, while simultaneously minimizing waste, within a manufacturing process. In short, it is a production method that aims to streamline workflows.  

An integral part of improving any business process is to minimize waste. By doing this, lean manufacturers can deliver more value to the customer. But what is waste? In lean manufacturing, waste is considered as anything that doesn’t add value for the customers. For example, types of waste include activities, tasks, and products or services that involve time, money, and expertise that don’t create value for the customer.

What is a Lean Manufacturing Software?

Manufacturing employees utilizing a lean manufacturing software

A lean manufacturing software is a tool that uses real-time production data to streamline workflows. As a result, your organization can experience an increase in productivity and efficiency on your shop floor. Furthermore, this tool usually operates on a cloud-based platform to allow usage on the go from anywhere that has internet connection. So, instead of information being saved across Excel spreadsheets or Word documents on several different computers, it’s all in one place. As a result, this makes accessing your information and documents more convenient, and ensures you always have quick and easy access to the latest update on a new task or project.

So what exactly does it do? In short, a lean manufacturing software helps manufacturers and factory workers implement lean management principles and methodologies into their processes, and achieve operational goals. Moreover, it enables you to determine areas of true customer value and then map your value streams accordingly. It also makes the process of developing continuous workflows and demand driven pull systems easier to manage. Ultimately, using a lean manufacturing software supports a number of business activities and complex project needs such as communication, collaboration, reporting, and automation. 

Why Use a Lean Manufacturing Software?

Below is a list of reasons why you should use a lean manufacturing software. It:

  • — Minimizes waste across your shop floor
  • — Optimizes your operational processes with the help of accurate data
  • — Enables automation and increases productivity and efficiencies 
  • — Helps identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies 
  • — Helps identify and reduce downtime situations
  • — Increases your capacity and profitability 

How TheLeanSuite Can Help

TheLeanSuite is all about providing businesses with the relevant tools necessary to accelerate their continuous improvement program. Continuous improvement becomes much easier with our revolutionary lean manufacturing software. Currently, we offer two solutions: 

Suggestion Platform

The Suggestion Platform is an idea management system that builds engagement and performance in organizations. It has a built-in recognition and rewards system so that you can recognize, motivate, and empower your employees to be their best and do their best. 

Issue Tracker

The Issue Tracker is a tag management system that helps businesses manage their tags, and quickly and easily close critical problems on their shop floor. Digitally transform your tagging process and see how you can manage it in just seven steps.