64. TheLeanSuite

Founded: 2021

Founder: Angad Singh and Prabhpahul Singh 

Website: www.theleansuite.com

Elevator Pitch: We facilitate the digitization and implementation of various Lean programs for our clients by connecting the people, the data, and the processes. With squeezing margins, an increase in competitors, and digital transformation in manufacturing on the rise, companies are struggling to keep up with the intensive administrative work required to run operations at optimal levels, while simultaneously keeping costs low. TheLeanSuite can help. Our software is a cloud-based platform that offers various built-in apps designed to assist and elevate all the essential tasks required to run a shop-floor.

How it got started: With over a decade of knowledge and experience in the manufacturing industry, Angad and Prabhpahul felt the need to close the gap that existed between the people, the data, and the processes. It began with the vision to make manufacturing more agile — where employees are more involved and engaged, data is more readily accessible, and processes are more digital and less paper-based.

Growth to date: We’ve launched the Suggestion Platform and the Issue Tracker and have received encouraging and supportive feedback from our pilot users. We are also using some cutting edge technology

What’s next: As we’re still new to the game, Year 2023 will continue to be fundamental for TheLeanSuite’s growth and establishment. A major focus of ours this year will be to increase our community and clients.

Ask from the community: TheLeanSuite hopes to create a strong community with their followers and potential partners, and to connect and collaborate with TPM, WCM, Six Sigma, and Lean consultants to improve and strengthen their relationship with their respective clients.

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