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Empower your team to go the extra mile

Build a customized prize catalogue that offers employee rewards that inspire and delight

Employees are 7x more engaged when rewards meet their needs

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Unlock the power of a rewards marketplace

reward experience

Offer a unique reward experience

  • The marketplace offers rewards created by you that employees can redeem using points
  • Rewards can include company merchandise, gift cards, a free lunch, and so much more
  • You know your team best — offer meaningful rewards that they’ll truly enjoy while still staying within your budget

Endless options to choose from

reward experience
  • Show company pride by offering an array of company-branded products
  • Choose from hundreds of different digital gift cards and products from popular brands
  • Want to offer more personalized rewards? Create your own!

Create a custom rewards fast

  • Create a new reward in just a few clicks
  • Have control over what is being offered, how much it’s worth in points, and how many units are available
  • When an employee redeems a reward, the manager responsible will immediately be notified to approve or reject the request
custom rewards fast

Online shopping made easy

custom rewards fast
  • Quickly search and browse reward categories with the search bar and filter button
  • View personalized reward suggestions based on previous searches and redemption habits
  • Ensure employees redeem what they want by tracking the automated inventory counter

Rewards as unique as your workforce

Create unique rewards for your program The sky’s the limit!

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