Complete Lean Manufacturing Software

The Suggestion Platform

Hear what your workforce has to say

How it works

The Suggestion Platform is a simple, yet impactful app
Collect suggestions, provide instant feedback, take action, and recognize and reward

Collect Suggestions

Encourage your workforce to submit suggestions and ideas that will result in meaningful conversations, improving internal business processes.

Give Feedback

Make your workforce feel valued and heard. As soon as a suggestion has been submitted, provide instant feedback with a click of a button.

Take Action

Once suggestions are approved, administrators can work collaboratively with their workforce to create an action plan to implement.

Reward & Recognize

Further drive employee engagement and participation with the built-in recognition and reward system. The more points an employee earns, the higher their recognition and reward.

TheLeanSuite integrates with the tools your team is already using

Boost Employee Engagement

Discover how you can put your employees first and help managers create a positive work culture with the Suggestion Platform

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