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TheLeanSuite Partner Program

We believe that in order to have a successful journey, it is important to create and maintain a strong, collaborative partner ecosystem. By joining TheLeanSuite’s Partner Program, we can work together to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions that will provide value for lean manufacturers and factories.

Transform how people work

Wondering why you should join TheLeanSuite’s Partner Program? Here’s why:

Participate in discussions

As a LeanSuite partner, you will get the opportunity to share your insights and feedback on the product, helping shape TheLeanSuite into a software that will solve your clients’ problems.

Receive training and support

In addition to priority customer support, you will receive a walkthrough of the software as well as access to a demo account to explore all the different solutions and features before sharing them with your clients.

Earn a referral reward

When you represent TheLeanSuite, you’re a part of our team. Rest assured that you’ll receive a referral reward regardless of if you’re a LeanSuite advocate or a LeanSuite consultant.

Become a LeanSuite advocate

Help transform how people work by referring us to an organization that you think would be a good fit


  • Advocate on behalf of TheLeanSuite
  • One and done – there is not commitment or obligation to us after the referral
  • Receive a one time referral discount for spreading the word about us 

Become a LeanSuite consultant

Help transform how people work by onboarding new partners for us 
  • Effectively and efficiently visualize the impact of our product to your clients 
  • Assist in streamlining your clients’ different workflows
  • Provide support and remain connected with your clients
  • Receive a monthly referral discount when you onboard new partners for us 
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