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The Suggestion Platform

Focus on your people,
not the paperwork

TheLeanSuite’s Suggestion Platform helps you manage employee suggestions, drive employee engagement, 
and collaborate on a solution all under one hub.

How the platform works

Collect Suggestions

Capture suggestions and ideas from your workforce to improve your frontline operations

Instant Feedback

Let your workforce know you saw their suggestion and provide instant feedback with a click of a button

Take Action

Work collaboratively with your workforce to create an action plan to implement for approved suggestions

Recognize and Reward

Motivate your workforce to do and be better with a built-in recognition and reward system

Improve your frontline operations

The challenges

Frontline employees are disengaged and unmotivated, heavily impacting internal business processes. Furthermore, traditional efforts to increase employee engagement and reduce turnover are time and resource intensive. 

  • Paperwork process is inefficient
  • Lack of ambition and recognition
  • Lack of innovation and collaborative work
  • Inability to reduce waste

TheLeanSuite Solution

The Suggestion Platform digitizes the traditional suggestion box process, reducing the length of the process and the administrative work. It increases employee engagement and helps businesses achieve operational excellence.

  • Capture: collect suggestions from your workforce anywhere and at any time
  • Collaborate: work together with your workforce to create innovative solutions to increase workplace efficiency and productivity 
  •  Recognize: with the built-in recognition and reward system, rest assured your workforce will be acknowledged and rewarded for their participation

A platform that benefits everyone

The best source of innovation often comes from the employees within your organization.

By capitalizing on this advantage, you can empower your employees, promote a positive work culture, and improve your internal processes and workplace efficiency simultaneously.

Request a free demo today to see how simple, yet impactful TheLeanSuite’s Suggestion Platform can be. 

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Real-time Results

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Digitize your lean manufacturing processes

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