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Issue tracker for Quality

Improve quality in manufacturing operations effortlessly

A tag management system that helps you produce quality products to keep your customer happy




5.0 Rating


5.0 Rating


5.0 Rating



Tag and enhance your quality management within minutes, not days

An Issue Tracker and it’s cloud-based capabilities makes it easy for you to improve quality in manufacturing operations by allowing you to efficiently capture issues and resolve them in real time.

Our Customers

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Built for Manufacturers and Factory Workers

Improve your overall bottom line

Quality management

Manage Quality and improve your business

Quality isn’t just about making sure your product are perfect -it’s also about making sure theyire the best they can be so that you can satisfy your customers, and keep them coming back for more. So do all the activities and task required in manufacturing operations and to ensure you reach you desired level of excellence.

Collect, manage, and resolve tags all under one central hub. Automatically get notified as soon as the tag has been submitted, allowing you to identify and resolve high-priority problems faster. You can even assign roles and permissions to collaborate on solutions, and implement kaizens  (projects), both quick and complex easily.

Custom Reports

Create reports and get real-time insights into your tag management efforts

 Track, analyze, and report on key operationl data and matrice with the Isssue Tracker. TheLeanSuite’s, powerful, easy-to-use reporting engine gives you automatic visual dynamic insights that you need to effectively improve quality in manufacturing operations

Cloud APP

Purpose built for an on-the-go workforce

TheLeanSuits’s cloud-based software enables you to access the Issue Tracker and do everything you need to do anywhere you are, at any time.

Our cloud-based app  is proposely build for your on-the-go workforce, whether you need to review a tag or analyze an automated report, access the Issue tracker on a Mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktops.

issue quality cloud app

Our Customer Says!

Love the smplified system. Easy for users to login, visibility of suggestion status & feedback of points awarded all in real time!!
Micah k.

This software is making the ability for our employees to share their ideas with ease. We are also able to recognize and reward them for their ideas.
Karen M.
Whirlpool Manager

This is a seamless platform with a great in-depth reporting and analytics that has been incredibly beneficial to the team to bring new ideas forward. The support team behind software is also top-notch so makes a lot easier to get started
Eric R.
Product manager

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Create a quality culture with TheLeanSuite

Discover how you can automate your tag management system to improve quality in manufacturing operations, and meet and exceed your customers’ expectations

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