5 Ways to Improve Employee Motivation

It is important that companies continuously improve employee motivation. This is because employee motivation can have a huge impact on organizational success. While employee feedback should form and shape your organization’s motivation strategy, there are five core ways your company should consider:

1. Focus on employee engagement

The first and one of the most important ways for you to improve employee motivation is to focus on employee engagement. Employee engagement is closely related to employee motivation. In fact, engaged employees are enthusiastic and passionate about their job. Therefore, an employee engagement program/platform is useful for capturing a real-time picture of the engagement. Then, focus on the drivers that will make the greatest impact at your company.

2. Create an impactful employee recognition program

Creating an impactful employee recognition program is another integral way to improve employee motivation. An employee recognition program enables companies to thank and reward their employees for their hard work. Furthermore, it’s a core driver of employee motivation. After all, if employees don’t feel like they are appreciated or valued enough, why would they be motivated to do their best? An effective employee recognition program includes both social and monetary parts. So, to start fostering a culture of recognition at your company, find and select an employee recognition program that is intuitive to use, allows employees to say thank you in a fun way, and includes a point-based reward system.

3. Offer exciting incentives

To improve employee motivation, offer exciting incentives! Nowadays, employees want incentives that go beyond traditional offerings like health insurance and retirement benefits. Instead, employees want exciting incentives such as experiential rewards, bonuses, schedule and location flexibility, and paid time off. For that reason, it is important to design an incentive program that aligns with both your team’s desires and your company’s values. 

4. Create a culture that employees want to be a part of

Organizational culture is the combination of values, expectations, and practices that guide what your team does each day. If your company’s culture makes your employees feel like they belong, it makes it easier for them to become involved and invested into your organization’s success. In fact, 65% of employees say that culture plays a huge role in why they stay at their current jobs. Hence, when creating a company culture that employees want to be a part of, it should align with your company values and foster a sense of belongingness.

Factory workers who are happy due to improved employee motivation
5. Empower employees to succeed

A final way we’d like to share on how you can improve employee motivation is to empower your employees to succeed. Employees who are empowered are confident that their managers and the entire organization will provide them with the support and resources they need to succeed. So, to start empowering your employees, gather direct input from each of your team members on what they need to succeed and what’s refraining them from doing so. In essence, doing this will allow your organization to do more than just giving employees the resources that their roles require.

Motivate Your Employees With TheLeanSuite

TheLeanSuite makes it easy for you to adopt a centralized platform to improve employee motivation. TheLeanSuite is a lean manufacturing software that features the Suggestion Platform. It is an employee suggestion system that acts as an integrated ecosystem for engaging and motivating your workforce. It includes key features like:

  • The marketplace: choose from a wide selection of rewards that aligns with your company’s budget and your employee’s desires
  • The leaderboard: motivate your employees to do their best and reach the top with the public leaderboard
  • The built-in recognition and reward system: recognize and reward top performers