What is a Recognition Program?

The goal of an effective recognition program is to make employees feel valued. They want to know that their efforts, big or small, are appreciated. In fact, employees produce better work when they are recognized for it – this directly affects your bottom line. Additionally, having an employee rewards and recognition program is an important part of an employee engagement strategy. So, in other words, recognition is essential to driving employee engagement. 

How to Build an Effective Recognition Program

An effective recognition program accelerates innovation, reduces turnover, and builds a healthy, high-performance work culture. Below are six steps organizations should follow to create an effective, scalable recognition program and how TheLeanSuite can help.

Six steps to build an effective recognition program
1. Create a Plan: define the timeline, criteria, rewards, and logistics involved

TheLeanSuite’s Suggestion Platform allows everyone, everywhere to participate in a simple intuitive interface of workflows for ideas, quick actions, and problem solving.

2. Build Awareness: enable leaders at all levels to communicate the program

Promote your program and gather suggestions and ideas through campaigns within TheLeanSuite’s Suggestion Platform.

3. Recognize Contributors: enable everyone to celebrate each other

The Suggestion Platform’s newsfeed enables everyone to recognize contributions by fellow employees with just a click of a button.

4. Recognize Publicly: celebrate employees during meetings, in emails, and on posters

An effective recognition program needs to enable public recognition. Luckily, the Suggestion Platform’s leaderboard makes it easy to acknowledge top contributors.

5. Reinforce Objectives: provide ongoing updates of the achievements and progress of your program

The Suggestion platform’s newsfeed makes it easy to share your program’s progress and highlights.

6. Be Consistent: consistently recognize employees to build credibility and momentum

The Suggestion Platform’s built-in recognition and reward system makes it easy to recognize and reward employees who are contributing the most.

TheLeanSuite's Recognition and Reward System

Organizations can benefit from TheLeanSuite’s effective recognition program, the Suggestion Platform and its built-in recognition and reward system.

  • Allow all employees at all levels to participate
  • Build momentum with peer-to-peer recognition – everyone can learn from each others ideas and actions
  • Enable collaboration between all employees at all levels of your organization
  • Publicly recognize top contributors to ensure those individuals feel valued
  • Reward top contributors with prizes you choose from our Marketplace