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Manufacturing Digitization

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing: The Benefits

What is Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing? Artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing refers to the use of machine learning (ML) techniques and deep learning neural networks to optimize manufacturing processes with better data analysis and decision making. Moreover, artificial intelligence and manufacturing pair well together as humans and machines must work together closely in industrial manufacturing …

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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

A digital transformation in manufacturing will soon become essential for every organization in the manufacturing industry. In this blog, we explore what it is and the benefits of initiating one. What is Digital Transformation in Manufacturing? Digital transformation in manufacturing is the process of an organization intentionally leveraging and implementing new digital technologies to achieve …

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Why Digitize Abnormality Reporting (F-tags)

Before we get into detailing why you should digitize abnormality reporting (F-tags), let’s first discuss what abnormality reporting (F-tags) are and why they’re essential for any manufacturing business. What is Abnormality Reporting (F-tags)? Abnormality reporting is also known as F-tags. The F in F-tag stands for Fuguai, a Japanese word that translates to “deviation” or …

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Manufacturing employee performing equipment maintenance

Why You Should Digitize Equipment Maintenance

Today, we’ll be discussing five reasons why you should digitize equipment maintenance. But first, let’s get into the difference between corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance.  Corrective Maintenance vs Preventive Maintenance Equipment maintenance is essential for any and every organization. Traditionally, corrective maintenance was very common. But, nowadays, organizations have shifted towards preventive maintenance. Let’s distinguish …

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