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Drive innovative thinking and engagement

Create campaigns makes it easy for employees to participate in innovation, share ideas, and earn major bonus points

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Of employees say they produce their best work when fully engaged

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Generate the right idea

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Easy Campaign setup

  • TheLeanSuite’s campaign feature allows you to efficiently collect ideas that are focused on relevant topics
  • With a template already created, all you need to do is fill in the blankets and launch the campaign

Engage your workforce

  • The best source of innovation often comes from your employees – capitalize on this advantage and see what they have to say
  • Customize the amount of bonus points your employees can earn for participating and sharing their ideas
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Lean Manufacturing SUITE

Our Solutions

Your key to Operational Excellence. Solutions designed for your lean manufacturing workflows.

Leading enterprise solution for Lean Manufacturing Implementation. With our scalable solution you can:

Boost Employee Engagement

Discover how you can put your employees first and help managers create a positive work culture with the Suggestion Platform

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