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Lean Manufacturing Defined

What is Lean Manufacturing? Lean manufacturing, also known as lean production, is a production method that focuses on maximizing productivity, while simultaneously minimizing waste, within a manufacturing process. Basically, it allows for the streamlining of workflows.    An integral part of improving business processes is minimizing waste. By doing this, lean manufacturers can deliver value

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8 Lean Manufacturing Software Tools to Enhance your Projects

Project Management (Kaizen) Project Management (Kaizen) is a great tool for increasing efficiencies by planning, tracking and managing all your projects. A Kaizen tool can help you plan and structure work in a way that’s best for you. You can set priorities and deadlines or share details and assign tasks.  Cost Management Cost Management will

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Asset Your Feedback!!

It is often seen that what is working at an organizational level might reflect badly at an internal level or contrariwise. Feedback is a culture that can voice employees’ needs and promote organizational-level development. The value of positive employee feedback is unmatchable. It scrutinizes the correct practice, and it is directly linked to increased employee

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10 Reasons Why Employees Feel Disengaged

Quick Fact: Did you know that lean manufacturing software improves productivity by streamlining processes and increasing employee engagement? Who is a Disengaged Employee? Disengagement is characterized by the absence of drive and contentment, and a disengaged employee is someone whose excitement, attitude, and work quality have all diminished. The percentage of disengaged employees is rising,

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How to Develop a Culture of Continuous Improvement Mindset

How to Develop a Culture: Culture is the value over which an organization built its strategy to shape its vision for a better and improved future. It is vital for any organization to work towards a pragmatic mindset that should match with the company’s recent business model. Hence, here is a list of some key

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5 Great Ideas to Generate Employee Engagement in Manufacturing – Post Covid- 19

How Covid-19 has hurt the Manufacturing Industry: Covid-19 had a tremendous impact on the global distribution system and the workforce that runs it. Manufacturing companies have had to slow down production or stop altogether to protect their workers. This resulted in a slowed-down system of production that affected all other industries around the world. Manufacturing

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5C’s to increase Employee Engagement in your workplace

Did you know that lean manufacturing software can help you improve your company’s productivity by streamlining processes and increasing employee engagement? An ideal workplace is defined by its vision and culture, both of which should go hand-in-hand.  A great company culture can keep employees productive and facilitate them in meeting with the mission and vision

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What is DMAIC & PDCA in Lean Manufacturing?

What is DMAIC? DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. The five steps define a continuous improvement cycle that should be followed in order to uncover best practices and get closer to ideal procedures. Define The improvement team’s focus, scope, direction, and incentive are all defined in the project charter. To understand input

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