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Visualize ideas quickly and easily

The Attachment Tool can help improve your team’s communication abilities


A visual way to communicate

Add a sketch , or add an image with a sketch, or simply add an image or video

Add a sketch bg

Add a sketch

  • For simple ideas that need a quick visual, use the sketch function to quickly and easily illustrate what needs to be communicated
  • After the sketch is completed, it will be inserted as an attachment

Add an image with a sketch

  • Directly sketch onto an image!
  • Insert an image then use the sketch function to highlight and emphasize details in it to clearly visualize issues and ideas
add a image_sketch
add a img video
ADD A video mobile

Add an image or video

  • Browse your computer or online file locations for the image or video that you want to attach
  • Being able to visually see the area of importance gives more information to those that need it, and allows them to take action faster

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