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About TheLeanSuite

TheLeanSuite is a lean manufacturing software designed to digitize all your lean manufacturing operations, fostering a culture of lean thinking and continuous improvement.

Our story

We know that traditionally, lean manufacturing processes have been very paper and resource intensive. So, we wanted to develop a software to help organizations implement the lean methodology without having to worry about the administrative efforts.

Our mission

TheLeanSuite’s mission is to give organizations an opportunity to access all the lean digital tools required to increase workflow efficiencies at a fraction of the typical cost.

Built for manufacturers and factory workers

TheLeanSuite has built-in apps to help you seamlessly implement lean into your workplace

Suggestion Platform

Collect suggestions and improve employee engagement with the help of a built-in reward and recognition feature

Continuous Improvement System

Continuously improve operations by assigning, tracking, and managing all improvement projects, big or small

Issue Tracker

Simplify tag implementation and easily identify any redundancies, inconsistencies, or other inefficiencies

Work Order Management

Process and complete maintenance work orders in a timely manner, improving workplace efficiencies

Skill Management

Assess and manage employee capabilities to discover strengths, gaps, and opportunities for learning

Loss and Cost Management

Capture real-time data from different areas of the business and prioritize improvement projects with powerful insights


Our Culture Code


Because this is where it all starts. We all
have to do our jobs well


Because of all our reviews are 100% real
and so is the way we communicate internally.


Because as we grow, we need to strive to
improve every single day.


Because we believe doing great work
starts with compassion and heart.

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