How Covid-19 has hurt the Manufacturing Industry:

Covid-19 had a tremendous impact on the global distribution system and the workforce that runs it. Manufacturing companies have had to slow down production or stop altogether to protect their workers. This resulted in a slowed-down system of production that affected all other industries around the world. Manufacturing companies are either getting supplies at a slower rate or not at all. This is reducing the number of goods going out for companies and consumers to purchase.

Impact on Employee Engagement:

Here are 5 Great Ideas to Increase Employee Engagement –

Post Covid-19:

Listening to Employee Opinion

Communication is the number one way to start engaging employees in the workplace. Employees will increase involvement when they feel their opinion is important to management.

Employees that see their opinion is of value, they are 4x more likely to engage in the workplace. That is a significant difference to employees who feel undervalued.

Working Together

Problems in the workplace can appear in different areas. There can be problems within the supply lines, breakdowns in machinery and even between employees. No matter what job employees have within the company, they can produce ideas to solve problems.

Employees see problems up close. That is why talking to them can solve difficult problems. They will use their perspectives to determine a different course of action.

Checking In

Supportive employers who check in on their employee’s well-being is a factor that can often go overlooked. An employee’s mental and physical health is extremely important to their engagement. If they are feeling burned out or unwell, they will not have a desire to engage. Employees that are under supported by their company, will likely create large discrepancies for employee engagement.

Employees will not want to engage with employers who disregard how they are feeling. But, having supportive employers that check in on their employees creates an atmosphere of support. It creates appreciation and reflects in the engagement that employees will then provide.

Providing days off for both mental and physical health can create a stronger bond. To go further than that, understanding when an employee needs time off creates a positive working atmosphere.

Encourage Non-Work Discussions

It is a good part of the work balance for employees to take a mental break to relax and talk to their coworkers. Talking to coworkers can increase empathy and safety within workspaces.

Using proper timing for non-work discussions is important, but a relaxed environment will lead to happier employees. These employees will engage with both their coworkers and employers instead.

Remember that open discussion will always lead to a more fulfilling work experience and a positive environment. Employees will feel less stress about harsh reprimands, and it will create an engaging environment.

Connecting Employees to the Bigger Picture

Connecting employees to the bigger picture within the company are key. It allows them to see that what they do matters. This helps to show them that they are important because, without them, nothing would happen.

Employees who feel as if they do not matter to the company will have no urge to engage within the workplace. They feel as if they do not make a difference and will not strive to do the best they can. They need confirmation that what they are doing matters and is intrinsic to the success of the business.

A good way to connect with employees is to show them the impact they are making. For example, you can show them how the product they are helping to produce changes people’s lives.

What can TheLeanSuite do to help?

The Lean Suite wants to make the discussions between employers and employees an easier experience for both. We write these blogs in the hopes that the people who are reading them, learn new information. With this information, they can revamp engagement in the workplace to produce a better work-life balance.

By reading these blogs, we know that you are someone trying to learn and do more for the people you work with. We recommend trying out these 5 great ideas. However, if you are looking for a more robust experience, we suggest trying the demo of our Suggestion System to produce better results. Starting with the demo will help give you a clear idea of what our Suggestion System can do for you and your company.