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Accelerate the Implementation of Your Continuous Improvement Program​

Digital Solution for

Lean Manufacturing

Making execution of your lean manufacturing processes effortless by providing tools customized to your business needs.
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Defining the Future of Lean Manufacturing

The LeanSuite is a powerful software which allows Digital Solution for Lean Manufacturing to uncover hidden losses, deploy the right people to implement continuous improvement Kaizens, and scale the impact across your company. 


Take Your Continuous Improvement Program to the Next Level

Advance applications that help you advance in your Industry 4.0 digitization journey and achieve Operational Excellence

Digital Solution for Lean Manufacturing
Suggestion Platform

Use Suggestion Platform to collect employee feedback in the form of ideas and engage in meaningful conversations to improve internal business processes. Built on the foundation of employee suggestion box with a mandatory feedback workflow to increase employee engagement.

Continuous Improvement System

Built on a four step iterative technique of PDCA to improve business processes and facilitate the true collaboration in the workplace. Encourage continuous improvement mindset and improve company metrics by setting targets using unique performance dashboards.


Keep the Workforce motivated so they can focus on what they are Experts at

The news feed let’s everyone communicate freely and share latest updates with everyone in the company. Whether it’s a near miss you need to communicate or just recognize your fellow worker, news feed acts as your communication wall in the company.
Digital Solution for Lean Manufacturing
In-built reward system allows you to set preferences and reward points for each action user takes and the system keeps the job of engaging the user throughout their interaction with the system.
LeanSuite automatically tracks the submissions and keeps the workforce motivated by recognizing and keeping the leaderboard updated based on the pre-defined preferences that matter most to you and your company goals.

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